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October 7, 2007, 2:13 pm
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I’ve been a latent football fan (that’s soccer for you Americans) since I came across a book on the 1966 World Cup at home. Moving to Iceland made it impossible to follow any other teams than the locals and the English Premier Cup, that was on every saturday. I didn’t like it. It was a kick and run football, quite unlike the one I had seen in Germany. Only later was I told that no, there is no music in the German stadiums during the game and no, the games are 90 minutes long, no highlights or reruns on the field. Well, what do you expect from an eight year old boy?

Anyway, the teams I supported were Fram and Tottenham Hotspurs, because I lived in a Fram neighborhood and because I’d seen the Spurs play in Iceland and in Germany. What I really liked is play myself, especially as a goalkeeper. What I really missed was news of KSC, the local team of my hometown in Germany, Karlsruhe.

You have to know this about Karlsruhe. It’s not what we would call a rich team. It’s not very successful either. In fact, when asked about it the other day by a student of mine, I told him that for every game they win, they lose about two. To the extent that they never stay for long in the Bundesliga, the German premier league. “So how come you support them, and how do you stand it?”, he asked.

“Well, they’re my home team (a bit like supporting the Red Sox if you’re Bostonian, no matter what), and you either develop a stoic temprament or use valium to calm your nerves”, I said.

“What do you do?”, he asked. “I go nuts,” I said.

Well, it really helps to go nuts once in awhile. There is no describing the rollercoasterride the team has in store for it’s fans. At the moment they are right under the top of the league, second only to the increadibly rich and successful Bavarians of Munich, Bayern München, who are titled “the record champions” for the number of titles they’ve earned through the years.

So, as a distant fan of my team, I wear their scarf to work and drink my coffee out of one of their mugs, and look forward to tell my mates in school how well we’re doing. This will have to do, but I do dream of going to the Wildparkstadion and shout “Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe” with the rest of them. Finally we are able to feel really proud of our boys.


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